Yucky coffee after-taste

So…I’m at work again. It’s really not so bad. People are really weird sometimes. I mean, I don’t claim to be completely void of weirdness or anything. I suppose it’s kind of like having food on your face, you can’t see it but everyone else can (and laughs at you for it). A crazy thought strikes me about this, why is it that people usually feel they can always do something better than the person who is currently doing it? A lot of people in this office think they can run things better than my parents, or better than the managers they’ve placed in charge. And perhaps they could, but the thing is…they aren’t in charge. How can they forget this little fact? My personal opinion (obviously saturated in family-related bias) is that there are several ways they can go about voicing their opinions that are more tactful than the approach they’ve chosen. #1. Don’t whine to the boss’ daughter. #2. Present your ideas for improvement in a positive and respectful way. #3. Consider the reasons for why the boss may have chosen to do things the way that they did. #4. Remember that you don’t really know everything.

In other news, I swear every considerable force in the world has cast its powers toward making me late for work. *sigh* It’s a sad fact to consider, but I think I’m becoming my brother (who suffers from a case of chronic lateness). I left this morning at a reasonable time…but there was an accident on the freeway. And every other day that I have been about 10 minutes late…it’s because I was carpooling with my brother.
I often wonder what goes on in my brother’s head while he drives. It’s a strange phenomena. He kind of drives the way Dory the Fish swims (from Finding Nemo). He starts out with a goal in mind and drives with the determination to get there. But a few seconds after taking off, he suddenly slows down and everything else in the world seems more interesting. He has to stop and read every bummer-sticker and billboard. He has to look at what everyone else is doing in their car or on the street. And I swear this kid hates holding the steering wheel the right way (if at all!). It freaks me out! He’ll be talking away about something and instead of talking with his mouth like a normal person and watching the road…he talks with his hands and looks at everything but the car in front of him! This is a very dangerous way to communicate. My brother also seems to be (like many drivers on the road) blinker or signal impaired. He never uses his signal and he wonders why people won’t let him cut in! He’s like a girl or something…he expects the other person to be able to read his mind! “Can’t they tell that I need to get over!”…”no, not-so-much.”

Okay, now…the grossest part about my brother’s driving habits is this…his nose picking.
Sliding into the passenger seat the first time this week, I hadn’t noticed anything unusual. It was when I leaned over one morning to change the radio station that I glanced down in front of the center console and noticed pale yellow flakes sprinkling the carpet. I disregarded it…thinking it’s probably just from something they transported in the car the night before. But then I sat back in my seat…pleased with my radio station selection, and I looked over at my dear brother for approval and saw him flick something on the carpet by the strange flakes of over-sized dandruff. “Eew! Josh that’s disgusting!”…”What? You don’t like my booger collection?”
Ohmygosh, seriously…can it get much grosser? I don’t think so.

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