At your request…

Soooo, I’m posting an update at the special request of my good friend Kenny. And although that sentence is true, it was really not necessary to say…I just said it because it makes me feel special to be wanted, yay!
Anyhow, a lot is going on (as usual). Things are coming down to the wire and tonight will most likely be the last social night I have for a week at least. I’m going out with my Falcon homies for dinner. It’s super cool because the Falcon budget has it covered, sweet! Just like everyone else, I’ve got finals piled up like the dust behind our refrigerator. Which brings me to another task waiting for me….cleaning! ew. I’m not looking forward to it…but my obsessive compulsive side keeps telling me I should set aside the books and dive in with paper towels and a squeaky new bottle of 409.

Tuesday night was my last late night at the Falcon office, praise the Lord. But in all honesty, I’m gonna miss it. Well, I’m actually not going to miss it for long because I’ll be back next year except with more responsibility on my shoulders and a paycheck to ease my growing-pains as assistant news editor. I look forward to it.

That night I felt another kind of relief as I walked back up to the apartment. The moon was full and beautiful and I felt drawn to praise God. So when I finally slipped in the door of my room and unloaded all my stuff, I stepped outside on the balcony and just sat with God and chatted a while. As usual, He was nice even though I hadn’t talked to Him in a while. I know I’d be like “what the heck, I haven’t heard from you in forever!” But He was patient and let me unload all my stress. Then I sat and just relished in the relaxing glow of the full moon and listened. It was wonderful! There’s more to that…but you know how it is. 🙂

I’ve come up with a startling realization that you can get a lot more studying done if you do so in your underwear. No, No, I’m serious. I know it sounds silly, but hear me out. You’ll be comfortable temperature-wise because it’s hot out and (especially if you live in Robbins) it’s a wonderful alternative when there’s no AC. But most important, you won’t be inclined to have the door open and distract yourself with visitors and you won’t go anywhere because…well, you’re in your underpants and only Kenny would really be the kind of person to walk around in public with nothing but his tightie-whities and a pair of fuzzy slippers.

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2 Responses to “At your request…”

  1. propheceye says:

    I would think of something depressingly unwitty to say but my mind left me after I started to study for finals. It left only a poorly written Dear John letter that was nothing more than scribbles enunciating Wookie growls. Custody for our illegitimate children has ensued.
    Please accept my deepest apologies for the substitutionary boresome pros.

  2. hiptip27 says:

    Well I would suggest that we study together sometime…..
    but now that I’ve heard your studying habits I think that would be just a little too weird

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