Timelines and good friends

First of all…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOSHERKID!!! You ROCK my world!

Second of all, today was a good day. I got a call from Josh…it was good to talk to him. Do you have any of those friends that you just feel happy and somehow edified after talking to? He’s one of those. I needed a good talk like that.

In career class today, we went over our timelines (lines we put together charting where we hope to be in so many years, etc.) All this did was make me realize how fast time goes. I’m gonna graduate soon! I have so much to do before then! Sure I like to live for the moment as opposed to saying “life starts when you get married”…”I’ll do that after I have kids”…”Real life starts after I graduate” blah blah blah…I’m trying desperately to live it up now…but goodness it’s hard with so much that you’re “supposed” to do now.

I was excited to be able to finish my article early this week. I actually had a bit of time to make dinner when I got back from the office. Oh the joy! Now I’m gonna get cracking on some reading and finish writing some papers. The cycle is never ending.

Shoot and I still have to write my eloquent letter for April. I’m late! Maybe I’ll write April and May at the same time. That’ll work, knock out two birds with one stone.

P.S. Loreanne…I’m gonna call you as soon as my cell phone battery charges. It’s been pretty much dead all week. I kept forgetting to charge it. I’m a dork.

Also, in preparation for my trip to Scotland I asked my friend who writes the Travel Wise column for the Seattle Times for some advice on packing. She recommended this site..it’s pretty cool. Check it out. http://www.travelite.org/index.html

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