“Oh, for the love of crumb cake!”

It’s been a while since my last post and you’d think I’d have a nice juicy update. But to be quite honest, I’m not even sure where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing for the past few days. I just remember when I was at work last week and I was calling publishers and ordering books. This one guy I talked to was having difficulties looking up an order and he kept grumbling into the phone and he said “Oh for the love of crumb cake!” It was hilarious…totally made my day.

So…I have not been able to smell, taste or hear much of anything for the past week. My palms are still clammy and my nose is still runny and my head still feels like it’s packed with snot. So in honor of my illness I will thank my roommate for sharing her germs. THANK YOU ROOMMATE! I WAS REALLY WANTING TO BE SICK! YOU HAVE GREAT TIMING WHEN IT COMES TO SHARING!! boo.

On a more positive note, I found out just moments ago that I got the position of assistant news editor at the Falcon. I feel like I should be in a celebratory mood, but right now my brain is foggy and I feel like there are a gazillion other things I should be doing other than celebrating.

Wow, it’s already the 23rd? I’d totally lost track of time until now. It’s really hard attempting to rest and get rid of a cold while trying to do work at the same time…I’ve found that it’s actually quite impossible. Go figure.

Also…I’ve decided just now…this very moment…that I’m going to marry a chiropractor. Yes, that’s right. I figure (in my crazy idealistic mind) that it’s only practical for the financial and health aspects of my future. I would have free back/neck care and less stress concerning my back/neck or the cost of caring for it. 🙂 It’s perfect! Now all I have to do is find a handsome Christian chiropractor…hmmmm, where do I start? I better get on this one fast because I’ve only got a year left of college and everyone knows that your chances of meeting someone after college decrease greatly. Well, if anybody out there knows anyone that meets this description…let me know! Oh wait…my boyfriend is pre-med! Hmmm…perhaps he’ll go into the chiropractic area instead of psych. I’ll have to talk to him about that soon…

Well, this is where I smile cheerfully and get back to the grind. For all of you out there who have as crazy a week ahead of you as I do…Godspeed.

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  1. tchick64 says:

    just letting you know that i added you to my friends list…you can do the same for me if you want. see you in class!

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