Braid trains

I love braiding parties. I was just thinking about this today after my cultural comm class. We were doing presentations and one group was talking about rituals or traditions that little kids do in America. One that I particularly remembered was the braid train. (Girls you know what I’m talking about) It was like a massage train, only…for your head. haha. As I look back on it I realize the intimacy and bonding that was taking place. I remember this one girl that was always the initiator of the braiding sessions during reading time or slumber parties. I remember going over to her house once and I realize now that her parents were not very affectionate. She must have seen the touch involved in braiding parties as such an affirmation of love. Wow, who would’ve known?
Anyways, I miss being a little girl.
(On a philosophical note: technically I still am a little girl…)

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