Another weird day

Started off okay…and it was actually fine until the calls started coming.
My friends know I am always there for them…always an open ear. But for pete’s sake why can’t I ever bring myself to vent. Why can’t I ever talk someone’s ear off. #1. I know they could care less about what’s bothering me. #2. I’m never sure I have a right to complain. #3. He just laughs at me.
Yes, it makes things worse when someone laughs at your sadness. My roommate tells me he’s probably just trying to cheer me up. Well, I’m not sure laughing at someone’s discouragement is the best way to cheer them up. Honestly, I couldn’t talk anymore after that.
I can’t wait until the trip to Scotland…to be able to get away and have some silence all for myself. Yes, that’s right…I’m finally doing something for myself. The resident doormat is taking a break. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in two weeks.
There, I’ve complained. I’m done now. *happy face*

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One Response to “Another weird day”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That hardly seems fair
    You know you can talk my ear off or complain to me any time 😉

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