This has got to be the weirdest website I’ve seen since Yatta.

check it out at your own risk. But if you do take a peek, ask him to riverdance…it’s hilarious.

In other news…I should be finishing an 8 – 10 page paper (worth 100 points of my grade) that’s due tomorrow. Sucks for me. In addition to that, I have a 1 page response to write on two chapters out of a book that I haven’t read yet. And I have to write a preliminary article that was due several hours ago. Then I have a truck load of other reading and several other responsibilities that I haven’t tended to yet. And all I really want to do right now is curl up in a ball in some corner and sleep undisturbed for a few hours. Well, that and I really want to fly home and be with my best friends. I could totally use some ‘REAL’ girl time with my sistas…(this shout out is to you Loreanne, Andrea and Natalie).

I’ve had an awesome weekend but I feel terrible because I kinda had to be a party pooper (a.k.a. semi-responsible, but not so affective academic instigator). It was Alex’s b-day weekend. His birthday was Friday and I wanted to make it special. I was going to rent Kill Bill v.1 and I had planned on making him dinner, watching KB v.1 and then taking him to see KB v.2 at this theater near his home town that he likes. Unfortunately, all the video stores were out of v.1 and we didn’t really want to see 2 when we hadn’t seen 1. So we spent a few hours pareusing the video place looking for some other movies to watch. I still was able to make him dinner even though I’m just about flat broke and hardly had money to grocery shop. Plus I wasn’t able to put as much time and effort into making his card as I had planned. But I still got it done.
The next day was Ashton formal. That was fun. We went with a bunch of his friends to this place called the Palacaids (sp?). It’s this super super nice formal restaurant with awesome food. I had the best salmon that I’ve ever tasted. And the desert was excellent as well. Then we walked around by the docks for a while and took pictures with his friend’s camera because the batteries in mine died. Then we went to the dance which was being held at the zoo (don’t ask, because I don’t know…) It was a nice dance room. They had fun music…but I was still feeling overwhelmed because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the stuff I had to do. (I still have six pages to go on this paper and then a response paper, yuck!). So we danced for a while. (Note: I’m so impressed…my date was so handsome and he can dance too!) We left the dance early and went back to my place so I could change and hit the books. I was still feeling pretty bad about killing the evening, so I turned on some music of my own and we danced for a while in my apartment. It was way better than in a stuffy room with all those people smooshed together. And I think my choice of music was a bit more suited to the mood. hehe. Anyhow, I got a bit more reading done and went to bed.
Then today I got up early (after having gone to bed pretty late) and read some more. Then went to church and then had a potluck at my prayer group leader’s house. Her home is so cute and their gardens are beautiful! The food was good and the fellowship was definitely something I was needing.
Then I came back around 3:30 and tried to get back to work. Alex came over and we had dinner and then I hit the books again. So here I am. The end.

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