Coming together to fall apart

Went to work this morning. Once again I was there before my managers were and I stood out in the rain for about 10 minutes. It actually felt quite nice. Sometimes I like the light sprinkle of morning rain to wake me up.
I still hadn’t finished my huge paper due today when I clocked in. So I quickly counted a till and got on the phone to try and call a fill in so I could go back and work on my papers. Nobody was able to fill in. But thankfully, after a huge lecture, one of my managers let me off. So I walked away with a warning and word of caution that I’ll receive another lecture from my other manager on Weds.
Believe it or not, I love my job. But this past quarter things have been getting rocky and I haven’t been feeling as confident in my job security as I used to. Plus, recently we hired on a bunch of new “kiss-up, brown nosing” freshman that really make me look bad. To be honest I think it’s my pride that hurts the most. “I’m sorry managers, perhaps if you paid me more…then I could do like Stephie does and buy you your favorite Starbucks everyday.” Oh well, so it goes.

In other news…my paper still isn’t done. The End.

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