Spring Break

So, I was going to be in class right now, but I decided that since I’m waitlisted for it…I’ll go to the grocery store and run some other erans instead.

Spring break was nice. The best part was getting to hang out with my best friends and show my roommate around my stomping ground. It was awesome! We took her on a tour of SF. It was particularly memorable watching tourists take pictures of her hanging out of the sun roof of our car with a camera while driving down Lombard St. Also, the weather was gorgious while we were home. I also took her to church with me and I had my Bible study girls over for a slumber party. That was fun too. I only wish she could’ve stayed longer.

Other highlights of being home:
>Being with my best friends
>Going to work at the office. Not really doing much and wasting away the final hours of the day by placing bets with my bro on which car driving by will hit a cardboard box lying in the street just outside.
>Hanging out with my Grandma
>being with my kitty cats!
>driving my bro’s new car after he left for vacation. hehe.
>sleeping in, twice.
>watching episodes of CSI that I missed…that’s right, my parents got TiVo!
>Being with my family.
>Having Ricky cook us dinner, twice. (He’s Italian and man does that guy know how to cook! pasta, yum!)
>Shopping with Lance and Jon and roommmate
>A day with Natalie
>A day with Andrea
>A bunch of days with best friend Loreanne!
>A bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

The end.

P.S. this apartment really needs to be cleaned…ew.

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One Response to “Spring Break”

  1. trademehalos says:

    that dinner Ricky cooked for us was good huh…way better than the one of ravioli and chicken (although that was definately good too). I have never had such good pasta! I might have to date him for his cooking….or for his grandma’s! Seriously..I want to go visit that woman and have some of her dinner.
    I already miss you! Come back!

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