Just as CSI: Miami’s Horatio Caine and company got their introduction on CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, the cast of CSI: New York will be making their initial appearance on Miami.

Zap2It reported that the CSI: New York team would be introduced in a CSI: Miami episode in May. The cast of CSI: Miami were debuted in a similar way, in the CSI episode “Cross-Jurisdictions”. In that episode, Catherine and Warrick traveled to Miami to work on a high-profile case with top Miami detective Horatio Caine. The plot details for the Miami/New York crossover are not known at this time.

CBS President Les Moonves revealed the other three cities that were considered alongside New York. Chicago, San Francisco, and New Orleans were considered as well, with New Orleans and New York emerging to become the top two competitors.

However, Moonves explained that the choice was clear early on. “We talked about New Orleans, we talked about San Francisco, we talked about Chicago…but New York became the front-runner fairly early,” Moonves said.

The network and production companies are currently trying to decide whether CSI: New York will be filmed primarly in New York City itself, or in Los Angeles, like CSI and CSI: Miami are. Moonves noted that New York officials are eager to have the show filmed in the city, and he said they have been “bending over backwards” to pursuade CBS executives to consider filming in the Big Apple.

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