This weekend

Friday: Spending evening with Matt. Making cookies together for his mom for valentine’s day. Then a movie and games.

Saturday: Work 11-2. Alex is taking me to see King Lear at the theatre. Dinner is also involved then Cafe Ladro after.

Sunday: Watching several episodes of Smallville with Greg (RHMC guy – you may remember him from previous ‘waylongago’ posts). He’s making dinner and I’m providing cookies. The party will be at my place. Last time it was at his place.

Also, last night Alex came with me to look at stars for my astronomy project. It was like, 11 p.m. when he came over. Roommate was in bed already. I was in a ‘I’m-so-tired-I’m-goofy-silly’ mode. (which leaves great potential for embarrassment later on). It was fun, I found several necessary constellations and we walked and talked for a long time. Then we came back to my place and had hot cider and did a bit more homework. Before we know it, he has his head against my shoulder and I’m scratching his head (you know the head scratch, right? yea…a huge weakness of every guy) and I asked him to tell me a story. He told me this really good story that he just made up off the top of his head. It was awesome. Anyhow, it was like 2:30 a.m. by the time he left. I’m proud to say that I held strong to my rules of ‘taking-it-slow-because-he’s-a-freshman’ and we’re still at the side hug stage. Yay me! There were several opportunities to share a kiss, but the good LORD was with me and helped me resist. He smells soooo good! It’s hard! Anyhow, just thought I’d update you on that.

In other news. Josh (airforce guy) called me from Texas and we chatted a while. He’s doing good. I can honestly say that it was really nice to talk to him. I’d forgotten how much he makes me laugh and how refreshing it is to hear him talk with passion about the LORD’s work in his life. It’s so uplifting. By the end of the conversation he was asking if it would be okay if he called a bit more often. I told him that I can’t guarantee that I’ll be around to receive his calls, but he can call me if he needs to talk. So that’s that. I’m not sure he’ll be calling any more often than before.

If you check out Matt’s lj (xmosherkidx), you’ll see where we’re at. The part in his last entry where he talks about how two girls called that he didn’t want to be his girl friend, and the one that he does didn’t call back – that’s me. I didn’t have a chance to call him back. I feel so bad though…I told him that I wasn’t in a position to have a boyfriend and so my answer had to be no. He said he understood and we’d still date as friends. So we’ll see how that goes.

If I had to choose at this point, I’d say the freshman is in the lead. But I’m not choosing. I’m just going by who smells, dresses and loves Jesus the best. haha. I’m a brat…don’t mind me. 🙂

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