The Moon

The moon came out for a few minutes last night. It was beautiful. I sat up and watched it for a while…almost as great as watching a lava lamp, only, not as much movement.
There are a gazillion things I should be doing right now…but I really truely just don’t feel like…grocery shopping, chasing people down for quotes, working on my articles, writing three huge papers, cleaning, etc etc etc. Do you ever feel like just not doing something? Or a bunch of things?
I think I’m going to take this time right now to just sit, do some stretches and pray for a while. I think those are all healthy things…so obviously I’m not procrastinating, I’m being healthy, right? Sure.
In other news, I’m getting overwhelmed with the idea of my intended career as a journalist. The more and more I investigate into it…the more intimidated I get. Those people are so smart and assertive and more smart! It’s like they have this amazing instinct to know where all the news is. I can hardly find good news on campus that’s worthy to print. LORD help me.
P.S. Happy almost Valentine’s Day! You are all loved.

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