Ew, yucky refrigerator

Soooo…my refrigerator broke and all our food had to be thrown out. We kinda saw it coming. It’s been acting up for a while now. Plant Services brought us a new one today. Well, it’s new to us. We had to clean it big time. Nevertheless, it works and we’re happy. I lost a practically new jar of my favorite plumb jam and more than a dozen eggs, among other things.
My computer has been going so slow lately and I’m not really sure why. So I’ve been going through and cleaning off my computer as much as possible. Now that I think about it…it’s probably that Kazaa update. Because I’ve been getting a lot of those annoying pop-up ads. So, I dunno…I’ll figure it out soon I hope.
I’m excited…tonight I’ve set aside time to listen to this show on the radio. It’s a mystery show (like Sherlock Holmes-type stuff). And just before that, the Twilight Zone is on too. This is a cool station, I’m glad I discovered it. AM 880 KIXI. The music isn’t too bad either. I like it. If you want to listen to the show, I’m sure there’s a station playing it in your area. I checked out the website (jimfrenchproductions.com) and they have listings of what stations air the show.
Well, I think it’s about that time…back to the books.

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One Response to “Ew, yucky refrigerator”

  1. innout says:

    Sorry about the fridge, that sucks.
    As for your computer, try downloading Ad-aware from download.com and running that. It might keep Kazaa from running but hopefully will get other stuff running well.
    KIXI is pretty cool, take ‘Survey of Popular Music’ if you want to learn a ton about American music.

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