Strange Days, Awkward Positions

I don’t recall asking to be where I am
It’s a place all girls wish they could be
The place so high
beneath can’t reach

But they forgot something
From up here
Where the air is thin and hard to breath
I can’t reach down either

I am where they want to be
Please take my place
I need a break
Please take my place

I can’t complain
It’s what is wanted
It’s what they want
not me

How is it that people love you
and hate you all the same
I love myself, I know He loves me
Still can’t complain

I can’t talk about it
I know you don’t want to hear
So I’ll keep to myself
Never look in mirrors

In a place of desire
I hate it so much
Why do you look at me like that?
Like I’m a centerfold

If you’re going to look through me
At least look at my heart
Take a moment and see
How it splits and hurts for you

This position is awkward
like sitting on haunches
the blood stops flowing
and pricks like needle legged spiders

I’m numb except for that
they continue to crawl
relentless in their quest
to win this fly

Suck the life
the joy out of me
spin guilt and wrap me in it
How’d I get here? and you there?

Oh right, I was looking out for you

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