Back in my game

So…I’ve gone through just about all the stages of recovery from massive botching…denial, anger, mourning, pouting, acceptence…and now I’m onto the ‘get-back-on-your-horse-and-ride-again’ stage.

I’ve done my investigation and research and I even went and pestered some professors for quotes and information…now I’m eager to organize and write out my results in a perfectly eloquent and completely wonderful article to rectify my ambition and hopeful existence as a journalist.

I’d just like to thank all those (two) wonderful friends who encouraged me during my time (stage) of mouring and pouting. (thanks Loreanne and Pete!). You guys are wonderful.

Wish me luck, these next four assignments are pretty thick!

In other news…I’ve been presented with some pretty intense questions/issues lately. LORD, give me strength and wisdom to answer the tough questions wisely and act on those decisions accordingly. Amen.

P.S. – Loreanne, I’ll call and fill you in soon!

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One Response to “Back in my game”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good luck
    I’m sure it’ll all work out
    Keep praying prayers like that one

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