I’m tired. I have 8am astronomy tomorrow. I think there’s a test. My prof hates me…I’m convinced of it. I’m lost and tomorrow I’m going to die. *sniffle* Goodbye all….I love you.

Should I by some chance miracle survive tomorrow’s class. My first wish would be to see all the friends I haven’t seen in days. (that means you kyle!) Well, let me rephrase that…I’ll see all the seattle friends that I haven’t seen in days. But anyhow, I have to stay alive long enough to finish this huge article that I’m working on…well, two articles actually. But, pray that I stay alive so I can tell you more about it later. Now, it’s bed time.

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  1. Don’t die, Sarah! We all love you!!! Goodluck, hun!
    Also, it’s almost the weekend… yay!

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