Seriously…this is weird…

Seriously, my roommate and I were discussing this earlier today and we’ve both come to the conclusion that I must be giving off some sort of pheromones or something because boys have been swarming lately!
Here’s a brief overview of my schedule this week:
Monday: coffee with Sean
Tuesday: study time with Matt
Wed: Real DATE (he said it, not me) with Sean. Consisting of dinner and a movie. He’s picking me up at 6.
Thurs: study time with Kyle – coffee afterward.
Fri: study for final with Matt, then go to Olympia for outdoor ice skating then Christmas shopping and dinner. Perhaps a movie if time allows.
Sat: Dinner and a play (I can’t remember the name) with Patrick.

*This doesn’t even include the plans that are still in the works! Luke called today and wondered when we could hang out. Josh called me the other day and then made a follow up call today. Fish Mike dropped by and we talked for like an hour and a half until Matt stopped by to study for UFDN. We ended up talking for a while after we stopped studying because I needed to kick him out so I could sleep. As we were standing by the door and he was running dates by me to see if I was free, he kept looking at my eyes and it kinda made me feel awkward. So I said “K, bye I’ll see you in class tomorrow!” and started shoving him out the door before anything stupid could happen. Also, Sarah (my roommate) told me that her Aunt Angie called to tell her that she had been talking to her (apparently gorgeous) son (who is studying pre-med and pre-law (or something outrageous like that) at a University in Arizona) about me. She said that Angie gave him my info so he could email me and get to know me! AHHHH!
So that’s just the skinny of it. There have been several other instances just since I got back from Thanksgiving break. And I’ve had to turn down several offers to hang out because I’m trying desperately to be responsible and study for finals so I’m not freaking out by Thurs. Time is going way too fast. LORD help me.

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2 Responses to “Seriously…this is weird…”

  1. trademehalos says:

    Well gee Sarah, share a few with me for Christmas. 😛 j/k
    Good luck with all the finals. See you in a couple weeks!

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