Really, he’s not joking…

XWhxxes406: hey
XWhxxes406: Whats up sara
PoluOwau: not much
PoluOwau: how are you?
XWhxxes406: g what up kid
PoluOwau: haha
XWhxxes406: I’m good
XWhxxes406: sorry that was for another person
XWhxxes406: I never will get a date with you after thay
PoluOwau: nope
PoluOwau: never
XWhxxes406: HAHA
XWhxxes406: You want to go to dinner with me don’t you?
PoluOwau: hmmm *thinking*
PoluOwau: I dunno…you do seem kind shady
XWhxxes406: Oh
XWhxxes406: Sad
PoluOwau: no, not sad…just shady
XWhxxes406: Can I honestly call you
PoluOwau: right now?
XWhxxes406: I really wanna talk
XWhxxes406: please
PoluOwau: nawh, my parents are sleeping
XWhxxes406: πŸ™‚
XWhxxes406: So
PoluOwau: I’m sorry, it’s just not a good idea right now
XWhxxes406: please come on
PoluOwau: plus, I’m about to hit the hay myself
XWhxxes406: Please I really wanna talk
XWhxxes406: Let me
XWhxxes406: JUst this once
PoluOwau: I’m sorry, Jeff…I can’t
XWhxxes406: Whats your #
XWhxxes406: for future reference
PoluOwau: you can’t call me right now
XWhxxes406: Just give me your number
XWhxxes406: k
XWhxxes406: πŸ™‚
PoluOwau: I’ll give it to you when you can call at a decent hour
XWhxxes406: I won’t let you down
PoluOwau: haha
XWhxxes406: You want me don’t you πŸ™‚
PoluOwau: HAHA
PoluOwau: that’s hilarious
XWhxxes406: Atleat your interested
XWhxxes406: right
PoluOwau: not like that
XWhxxes406: why not
XWhxxes406: You havlen;t even let me take you out yet
XWhxxes406: how can you say that
PoluOwau: You’re right
PoluOwau: I can’t
XWhxxes406: LAst time I took you out I wrecked my car
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: I do remember that
PoluOwau: πŸ™‚
PoluOwau: you handled that very well, by the way
XWhxxes406: But honestly I think you would have a good time with me
PoluOwau: I have no doubt that I would
PoluOwau: but still, I’m in California
PoluOwau: and you’re in Seattle
XWhxxes406: Would I get a Kiss maybe?
XWhxxes406: ya
PoluOwau: HAHA
PoluOwau: I’m not that easy
PoluOwau: good grief!
XWhxxes406: would I
PoluOwau: no
XWhxxes406: if we hung out a few times and we had a good time
PoluOwau: maybe a chocolate candy
XWhxxes406: HAHA
XWhxxes406: How far have you gone with a guy?
XWhxxes406: just kiss
XWhxxes406: ?
PoluOwau: Jeff, seriously…what’s with you…I don’t remember you ever being like this
PoluOwau: are you ok?
XWhxxes406: Ya
XWhxxes406: I’m just really curious
PoluOwau: I see
XWhxxes406: is that bad?
PoluOwau: well, it’s a bit blunt and personal
XWhxxes406: sorry I apologize
XWhxxes406: Is that bad that I would want to kiss you
PoluOwau: the want isn’t bad, the potential lies in where you allow your actions to take you
XWhxxes406: What do you mean
PoluOwau: well, I can’t tell you if it’s right or not for you to want or for you to think something
PoluOwau: that’s between you and God
PoluOwau: but how you act on those wants or those thoughts is what can be considered good or bad
XWhxxes406: HOw do you act?
XWhxxes406: Is it bad to kiss or makeout?
PoluOwau: for instance, if you try and attack me….that is bad and I would have to kick you in the junk
PoluOwau: how do I act?
PoluOwau: you mean, how far I think it’s ok to go
XWhxxes406: I would never attack any gurl
XWhxxes406: Ya
PoluOwau: good to know
XWhxxes406: How far is to far
PoluOwau: I would never go beyond kissing
PoluOwau: why does it matter?
XWhxxes406: Thats good
XWhxxes406: Thats how I feel
PoluOwau: good
XWhxxes406: Would you make out though
PoluOwau: why does it matter?
XWhxxes406: THats not bad in my mind as long as it stays holy
XWhxxes406: if you thinking of what god wants of you first
XWhxxes406: Then its ok
XWhxxes406: Making out is natural and human don’t you think
PoluOwau: good, I agree
PoluOwau: oh wait
PoluOwau: ummm
PoluOwau: well, I definitly believe there is a certain context
XWhxxes406: I feel its pleasing to god
PoluOwau: you feel that making out is pleasing to God?
PoluOwau: I’m not sure I necessarily agree
XWhxxes406: To a certain extent but once you cross that you deal with satin and thats what many have to graple with
XWhxxes406: a test of faith in my mind
PoluOwau: well, if crossing the line is so easy, is it not better to just avoid putting yourself in those situations?
XWhxxes406: Making out if feeling and kissing I feel is human instinct and what god challenges us to deal with
XWhxxes406: Once you cross that lineI feel it is not godly and becomes lust
XWhxxes406: but kissing and feeling is natural dating perameters
XWhxxes406: which I feel is not a violation of faith
PoluOwau: but technically, lust is a desire that decieves the weak human mind and eventually causes us to compromise
XWhxxes406: yet a human instincict in which god challenges us to contraol in monderation
PoluOwau: so it’s not like man puts up much of a challenge
PoluOwau: I don’t believe that God considers making out to be a character building trial
PoluOwau: not as much as say…death or medical impediment
XWhxxes406: But yet it is a part of any relationship in which we are challenged to control yet not do entirely without
XWhxxes406: I think he considers it to be part of any healthy realtionship
PoluOwau: perhaps it is normal…but I don’t know that I would consider it something he ‘expects’
PoluOwau: I can’t say…I’m not close enough with God to know His mind
PoluOwau: and when it comes to such matters, I think it best to just avoid anything that could be considered questionable
XWhxxes406: I feel many are to conservative and find ourselves blocking wat god intended to iccure in our lives as a teaching/preachiong principle of dendication to the one we are withand as a sign of affection and undersatnding of who we arew ith and respecting that person
PoluOwau: within the bounds of marriage, I agree
PoluOwau: but there are definitly very very very fine lines that vary person to person
XWhxxes406: Correct but I do not feel making out is a crime or a sin aganst that which is holy
PoluOwau: what may not be a big deal to one person may be a huge struggle for another
PoluOwau: why do you bring this up?
XWhxxes406: Correct I agree but I agree in compromise as well
PoluOwau: is there something I can help you with?
XWhxxes406: no I’m just curious as t how you view making out in the realm of a realtionship as apposed to a purely sinful lust for another
PoluOwau: I believe it highly depends on the motives behind doing so
XWhxxes406: Do ypu feel if I kissed you that it would be going against gods will?
PoluOwau: generally, making out is not considered a Biblical form of worship…so I don’t know that it’s exactly pleasing to God…but it’s not exactly a sin (as webster defines). But I do think that with the wrong motives (as are usually behind it) it causes the relationship to stagger
PoluOwau: well, you are not with me…so it would not only be against God…it would be against me too
XWhxxes406: YA but if I was with you what would be crossing the biblical line in this sense
PoluOwau: I don’t think that’s exactly necessary to discuss unless we ever got to that point
XWhxxes406: COrrect but if i’m interested in takingyou out is that bad
XWhxxes406: And is there any potential in that realm?
PoluOwau: that depends on your intentions in taking me out…if your soul reason for taking me out is to get me to agree to a make out session…then I’d say that your motives aren’t of the holiest kind
XWhxxes406: But that is not my intention so would yo be willing to let me take you out
PoluOwau: but if you want to take me out simply to hang out and have fun and allow for us to get to know each other better…then that’s a different story
XWhxxes406: that is what I want
XWhxxes406: nothing more at the time being
PoluOwau: ok
PoluOwau: sounds reasonable
XWhxxes406: So would you like to go on a date
PoluOwau: sure, but I’ll have to see what my schedule looks like when I get back to seattle
XWhxxes406: So theres no romantic intent I take it
PoluOwau: no
XWhxxes406: Could there be?
XWhxxes406: later
PoluOwau: sorry…I don’t believe romance can just appear
XWhxxes406: Well if we hang out could there ever be something
PoluOwau: any relationship I intend on involving myself with would be based on growing on the love and romance of God
PoluOwau: because His love is unfailing
PoluOwau: human love, fails
XWhxxes406: I totally agree
PoluOwau: I don’t want that kind of heartbreak
XWhxxes406: I know what you mean
PoluOwau: and I can’t tell you what I don’t know…I don’t know the future
XWhxxes406: see we are more similar then unalike
XWhxxes406: Sara I need to go to bed
PoluOwau: so do I
XWhxxes406: SO I will talk to you later
PoluOwau: ok, goodnight
XWhxxes406: Do you want me to call you tommorow
PoluOwau: I can’t call long distance
PoluOwau: oh
XWhxxes406: I can
PoluOwau: wait
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: I read that wrong
PoluOwau: I’m going to be out all day with my mom
PoluOwau: we’re leaving early in the morning
XWhxxes406: Well in the evening
PoluOwau: and I’m not sure when we’ll be back
XWhxxes406: Whats your number
PoluOwau: I’ll give it to you tomorrow if I talk to you
XWhxxes406: ok
PoluOwau: cool
XWhxxes406: Well hopeflly I will talk to you
PoluOwau: sleep well!
XWhxxes406: Write me an e-mail tommorow
XWhxxes406: k
PoluOwau: if I have time I will
XWhxxes406: (Link:[his email here])
PoluOwau: ok
PoluOwau: night night
XWhxxes406: I better get an e-mail or i’ll be sad
PoluOwau: I can’t promise you anything
XWhxxes406: NIght
XWhxxes406: Promise me
PoluOwau: night
PoluOwau: I can’t
XWhxxes406: whoy not
PoluOwau: I don’t want to break my word
XWhxxes406: Wlell try your best
XWhxxes406: I’m so tired
XWhxxes406: I mean wasted
PoluOwau: go to bed crazy
XWhxxes406: haha
XWhxxes406: Kidding
PoluOwau: night!
XWhxxes406: i don’t drink
XWhxxes406: Just so you knwo
XWhxxes406: But my spelling is horrible so it probably appear that I’m drunk
XWhxxes406: haha
XWhxxes406: Luv ya babe
PoluOwau: that’s aight….night
XWhxxes406: Do you luv me to hahah πŸ™‚
PoluOwau: ummm
PoluOwau: Jxxx, go to bed
XWhxxes406: I’m crazy haha
XWhxxes406: Sorry
PoluOwau: night
XWhxxes406: I was joking, sarcasim is deceiving
PoluOwau: yes, yes it is
XWhxxes406: HAHA sleep well sara
PoluOwau: you too xxxx

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