Is it possible?

Is it possible to be any more
of a disappointment to you?

My language is condensed
to sorry’s and please forgive me’s

I do not deserve you
it’s a cliche, but true

You are too good to me
I am no good for you

I’ve said too much
I guess I always have

I should know by now
my speaking, makes bad

I don’t want to hurt you
I’m selfish with my pain

I don’t want to give you any
please don’t make me

My thoughts are no good
outside of my head

I’ve been heartless enough tonight
I’m going to bed

LORD, forgive me my faults. Thank you for your mercy and grace…help me through this week dear LORD. I need all the help I can get. -Amen-

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4 Responses to “Is it possible?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    cool poem
    did you write that yourself?

  2. trademehalos says:

    I am no good for you
    I don’t ever want to hear or see you say that again. I can’t believe you’d think that about yourself for anyone. On another note, I hope you feel better…whatever it is that’s going on. We must talk soon

  3. sarahmadson says:

    Yes, we must talk soon. I’m having Loreanne withdrawls.

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