Life in the world is a mixture of key life concepts. Many people spend their lives trying to boil life down to one all-encompassing concept of living. I have come to the conclusion that such boiling is impossible.

There is an irony laced through just about everything in this world. Respect is given to the material people who have wealth and possessions. There is an equal respect for the underdog or the unfortunate. We also praise and admire those who have gone from one level to the other; from unfortunate to wealthy. But at the same time some people have a strange pride in being able to say they have very little. People criticize others for materialism while they strive to achieve certain things themselves.
It is the diversity of living styles among people that make everyday new. But this factor also prevents any one ‘life-living concept’ from sticking. Is there any one thing that can apply all the time, to all people? Such absolutes are a rarity.
My thought? Life is simple – living it isn’t.

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One Response to “Excerpts”

  1. propheceye says:

    Life is just a system of resources/abilities given to you and what you chose to do with them.
    Anything more is just a bunch of convoluted drivel people feed themselves to feel better and sleep easier at night.

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