Where to start….

Today is my roommate’s birthday. She’s 20. Last night I planned to have a bunch of her friends surprise her. They came around 11:30. I had hoped to keep my roommate awake for the event. But she decided to go to sleep. So when they came by, I had to go in and wake her up. haha. She was surprised, no doubt about that. They brought her a cake…it’s the good kind too. Rainbow cake with rainbow sprinkles. Yum.
To back track a bit…this weekend was fun, and a bit stressful. I had midterms yesterday. yuck. So I spent a lot of the weekend studying. On Halloween, I wanted to go with my friend to his concert, but I couldn’t because I had soooo much to do and there’s no way I could have justified having any fun. I know, it’s so stupid. So, instead I did laundry and watched an episode of CSI with my roommate while she practiced her nursing procedures on me. It was mostly questions and checking my pulse. Then I studied. fun fun fun.
Saturday was the play day. After work I scheduled my flight to the fiery inferno of So. Cal for thanksgiving and then got a gazillion calls from friends to go play. So I did! I hooked up with my buddy Matt and we finally carved our pumpkins! Then we got dressed up and went to meet Jade at Katie’s party…which turned out to be a bunch of drunkards. So we left and went to watch Lord of the Ring…which, I thought, was very appropriate considering my costume (I was an elf). My pointy ears, by the way, were a huge success.
Then…on Sunday I had a study group for the midterm. That was fun. So, yes…now I must go and continue this lovely pattern of study that I have set for myself this weekend. Study study study.

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