Super Brief boy update

Boys boys, everywhere I go they follow me!

I’ve been hanging out with a vegan hardcore boy. He’s the lead singer of his band called the Answer. He has red hair and glasses. He writes opinions for the Falcon. You can get a feel of his voice if you read them. His name is Matt Weltner. Look him up at Or go to the SPU webpage, go to search, click the Falcon Online option and it should take you to the site.

Today after my english class I was intercepted by a boy named Sean. He’s half Korean and half Oregoneon. He asked me if I’d like to go get a cup of coffee with him, and even though Matt had asked me earlier to give him a call after class…I went with Sean. This is really only the second time I’d actually talked with him. The first time was when he came into the bookstore and we talked briefly. So we talked for about 2 hours over chai tea at Tully’s. He’s pretty cool. And he asked for my number, so I have a feeling he’s going to call me to hang out later this week. More details to come.

Yesterday Dan Bailey took me to the Seattle Art Museum. We were supposed to go to this special Tea House exhibit where you actually sit and have tea in a real tea house and they give a presentation about it or something. But it turns out you have to reserve tickets in advance. So we just ended up strolling through the museum and looking at other exhibits.

Kyle has a class with me every tuesday and thursday…so I still see a lot of him. He has taken to confessing how much he still likes me. As much as I appreciate his honesty, it makes things a bit awkward. But we are still good friends and I value his friendship a lot.

I have only briefly heard from Brad…here and there.

Josh has stopped contacting me completely.

I haven’t heard from Jared in a few weeks.

Garth was supposed to call me a few days ago…I haven’t heard from him yet.

Luke invited me to go to a Mariners game and to come home with him the sunday after Thanksgiving to decorate the tree with his family. wow! But I’m going to be with my family that evening.

Dave, from the bookstore continues to ask me over to watch a movie and stuff. I am refusing to go over there alone. I would only feel comfortable if there were other people there with me.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted if you keep me posted. 🙂

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