So many gifts to buy…so little money

My cousin rocks. I’m so thankful I’ve been able to hang out with him today. You know what else? Today was beautiful! Even though my cuz got pulled over for the fourth time this week because his truck is all souped up and the cops like to give him tickets (not the moving violation ones, just the kid like “Hey son, you can’t have blue tail lights” or “I’m gonna have to site you for these windows…can’t have tinted windows in the front…” or “Just so you know…your truck needs to be at least 12 inches from the ground to the bottom of your license plate. You’re three inches short.”
But my cousin Chris is a trooper. He just smiles, shows him the tickets he’s already gotten three days ago and gets off with a warning on his lights and a ticket for the windows. His truck is crazy. I wish I had the ‘auto-lingo’ to describe it right. But anyway…I’m proud of him. He’s graduating early and already has been offered an intership for Boeing and a position with the fire dept. Crazy, he needs prayer for the guidance to know which way to go.

K, now for an update on my life…well, a really brief update anyway…

Although it smells like cow sometimes, I’m loving the feel of being in California again. It was beautiful cruzing under the clear moon tonight with my cousin. I had the window rolled down (and it wasn’t wet or cold!) and I just hung my arm out the window and felt the cool air run through my fingers. I know it sounds crazy and sentimental, but these are the times I hope I remember when I’m older.
Another great part about this break besides the abundance of food is being with my family and having time to talk to my friends. Even though I can’t be with them, I can at least call them and let them know that I still miss them and care about them. (On the other hand, I know my parents aren’t gonna be too pleased with my cell phone bill if I get too phone happy – so if I haven’t called you yet, I’m sorry!)
I got to talk to Loreanne the other day which was wonderful. It was great to hear her voice again. And today Lance called me! I was so happy to talk to him again too.
I just wish I could see some of the folks from home. I haven’t heard from my bro yet. I hope he and Heather had a nice Thanksgiving. *sigh* I also am sad I didn’t get to see Natalie, Andrea, Emily, Kenny, Brad, Jared, all the folks from church…But the bright side is…just TWO WEEKS till I come home!!!!
Ok, well it’s back to reading for me. I still have two and a half books to finish before the end of Turkey Break. Hope you’ve all had a good one! The End.

P.S. What do you get for a person who has everything? Or rather, what do you get for a person who wants nothing?

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4 Responses to “So many gifts to buy…so little money”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Turkey Break
    I’m so happy to hear that you are having such a wonderful break! The timing of Thanksgiving is perfect…just when things couldn’t be any busier, we get to head home to be reminded of what really matters. God is the coolest! Anyway, it sounds like you’re smiling and that makes me smile! See you when you get back!
    P.S. Jimmy says, “Hi!”

  2. as_it_stands says:

    hey! you’re in communications at SPU?! im a freshman and want to major in either comm. or journalism…. tv broadcasting or PR stuff…. how is the major?

  3. sarahmadson says:

    The major is awesome! But let me tell you right now…it’s not easy. The profs are really nice and they work very hard to see that you become the best that you can…but this also means that they are going to work and push you. But it’s not for nothing! There are actually several SPU comm. grads working in the White House today!
    If you’re really serious, I suggest signing up for The Falcon. That’s the best way to get a taste for the field and see if it’s a good fit. I’m on the news staff, so if you’re interested, let me know and I can hook you up. 🙂

  4. as_it_stands says:

    yes, i hope they do push me….. that’s a good thing, cause im gonna wanna be the best in my field. what are you doing in communications, like personally taking from it job wise?
    i am looking to go into TV and/or being a PR so i was at first considering being a part of The Falcon but decided im too busy with school and basketball too… so yea. that’s awesome though! thank you for your response. 🙂

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