I wasted another dollar

I just wasted a dollar at the library – attempting to make copies of an article for a class. I’d just picked up the “Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association” (volume 75) at the circulation desk and I thought I’d maintain my Christian integrity and pay to make copies of the article in the library instead of cheating and abusing my seniority by using the copy machine in the Bookstore. I didn’t have to make a copy of it, but I am the kind of person that likes to write on whatever I’m reading and I didn’t want to pay more for writing in a library book. My righteous intentions were foiled by a retarded copy machine and a stiff book spine. It was absolutely impossible to get a worthwhile copy. You’d think after working in an office for half my life I would dominate such blue collar appliances like these. I’m ashamed.
I have an ungodly amount of reading to do. And it all has to be done by Wed. Over 205 pages of that reading is for one class! Praise the LORD that tomorrow is a holiday. Bummer of it is that I’ll have to miss the hike I was planning on going on with the Environmental Stewardship Club. Next week I have even more reading! I have to have like four 400 page books read and completely analyzed by Thursday. Not to mention the papers I have to have written on them. Good grief!
I need to go on a walk. It’s a beautiful night and it’s perfect temperature outside for a lovely brisk walk. Sometimes I wish I could go on long walks on nights like these, holding the arm of an angel – big and strong. I could relax and never worry about looking over my shoulder. Other times I would be perfectly content with a huge dog, the size of a black bear and just as fierce (well, to everyone but me – of course).
Anyway, back to the grind; reading isn’t the only work I have to take care of…but I won’t go into that now.

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