A new word…

I learned a new word at work today. Meterosexual…you wanna take a wild guess what that means? Apparently it’s a guy who is completely straight (heterosexual), but has feminine attributes (i.e. dresses nice, smells decent, polite, etc.). Now, honestly, do we really need a word for this? Are we just creating another label for our poor male counter-parts? Can you imagine filling out an application to get a job or something and coming to those boxes:
[] male
[] female
[] homosexual
[] bisexual
[] meterosexual?!?!

This has potential to get confusing. Let me just ask this…how come we don’t have an ‘official’ term for girls who are straight that display masculine attributes? (and I mean an ‘appropriate’ word…let’s keep it clean, eh). I know most people would just call a girl like that ‘butch’, ‘tomboy’ or ‘that questionable girl who smells funny and wears her brother’s clothes’.
Is it really necessary to call these people into question anyway? I feel kind of bad even wondering about stuff like that sometimes. You know, like when you see a person in the grocery store who’s borderline ‘PAT’. It’s kinda judgmental…well, ok, it’s completely uncalled for…but still! Sometimes you just get curious.
Ok, now I really need to focus on the ungodly amount of homework that forever plagues me.
P.S. – vegan garlic bread is good.

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5 Responses to “A new word…”

  1. trademehalos says:

    I don’t think you usually write down your sexual preference on questionaires 😛 BUT, I’ve heard that word and I think I heard it originated here in the bay area. I can’t remember…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wacky Words
    I’m 90% sure that the word came from that “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” show. That and then when southpark took the ball and completely ran the opposite way with it. It was a very funny episode.

  3. I’m not sure when this word started, but it seems to have quickly become embedded in city life lingo. I think I heard it for the first time this quater for sure, I know it’s pretty new. But just speaking of slang in general, I find it fascinating because almost everyone now has heard it and uses it. When and where did it originate? I don’t think it was queer eye, but I could be wrong.
    Anyways, the reason I think it’s so catchy to our age group especially is because in the city (metro areas) there are a lot of guys like this, who aren’t gay but either have attributes that are considered “gay” stereotypes or aren’t at all concerned about looking gay so they sometimes joke around like they are. They are very comfortable with their sexuality. At least this is the definition that I have heard, and what I have observed. Most of my guy friends could be considered metrosexual, with the exception of a few very macho guys, and even they on occation have been known to act a little metro’ now and then.
    As far as girls go, I think it’s less socially acceptable for girls to be macho or buff than for guys to be fem. If you think about it, straight guys can be metro and nobody really cares but a straigh girl acts tough and prefers olive green to pink and suddenly it’s assumed that she’s a lesbian. It’s an odd double-standard. But then again, the city is an odd place.
    Sarah, have you seen the South Park episode about this? It’s got some interesting social commentary on the whole metrosexual thing.

  4. trademehalos says:

    the word’s been around longer than the show…but they probably made it popular. Just like whatever that word is when you fix your hair…jujing or something…(who knows how that word is spelled really).

  5. propheceye says:

    I like lesbians and not in the “I like to watch lesbians” sort of way.
    Then again maybe it’s just because I’m in Santa Cruz.
    Why can’t there be more metrosexual women?

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