Super tired

Wow, this week is almost over. Even though it’s only the first week of school…I’ve already pulled an ‘almost-all-nighter’ and had to skip some reading for a class as a result of it. I’ve already turned down two offers to hang out and go to the movies! Oh-my-gosh! I practically have no social life!

Also as a result of this first week of madness, I have once again been convicted of the fact that I am not super woman. *sigh* As hard as I try to deny the fact that I can’t do everything and that I don’t have super stamina powers, it has finally caught up with me and I am caught in another one of life’s ultimatums. I hate it when this happens!
I’ve come to the point where I had to decide what to let go because I was over-committed. The online registrar wouldn’t let me sign up for the Falcon because I already had 18 credits (I can’t go over that unless I pay extra for them). *sob* And I had to give up writing for the Falcon this quarter! I don’t know how I’ll survive! I’ve also had to give up mentoring jr. highers at Bethany Community church and if push comes to shove I might have to give up intramural tennis too! Lord, I pray it doesn’t come to that!
I guess taking 18 credits of reading and writing intensive courses while working two jobs, leading two Bible studies, a book club and working with the environmental club all at the same time isn’t the wisest arrangement. And that’s after I’ve already cut down! This is tough, I want to be a part of so many things! Life is too short.

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2 Responses to “Super tired”

  1. trademehalos says:

    You are crazy Sarah! It’s great that you want to do all those things, but you also need time to relax – and sleeping doesn’t count! You can’t say yes to every single commitment that comes your way. I can’t imagine how you’re going to do what you’re doing now. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a lot of commitments…but you may have too many. Don’t forget to have fun and take a break!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh Sarah can you help me with my video and join my club and hang out sometime
    hahaha (just testing your ability to say “no”)
    18 credits of reading and writing! grrrrrrr
    That would suck if I had to actually read and write for my classes
    *shudders at the thought of literacy*
    (not “illiterate”. I can read and write. I just choose not to)
    Good Luck with school and I hope you figure out what things are most important in your life right now and what things you can just hold off on.

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