I have decided today that I don’t give enough hugs. I’ve been thinking about this since last weekend. I really wanted to give someone a hug but I wasn’t sure if they were a very ‘huggy’ kind of person and I was weary of infringing upon their personal space. But then I when I was talking to my roommate later on, she mentioned how she ran into this person and was like “I hadn’t seen him in so long and I gave him the biggest hug…” That’s when I realized how ridiculous my hesitations were. And I figure, you never know how much that person may need a hug. Perhaps they’re not very touchy people…but by giving them a hug, you may be helping to break down those barriers that had been building up over years of coldness and ‘non-hugginess’. Who knows?
Besides, everyone needs a hug sometimes.

**P.S. – While hugs are a great idea…be careful not to hug strangers…it’s dangerous and…well…you could get sued. Or, hit really hard in the face…or…worse. Just use common sense. 🙂

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