Happy Girl

Yes, right now I’m a happy girl. Although I know it’ll probably be short lived. By the time tomorrow rolls around and I realize how much homework I have to do and how little time I have to do it in. *sigh* But anyways, here’s why I’m happy! Today I woke up early and made my roommate and I some yummy breakfast (eggs with cheddar, hot choco, toast, etc.) Then I went to work and was able to help out a lot of people (which usually leaved me in a good ‘I-feel-useful-mood’). And finally…what I have been waiting for all week…I got to go play tennis! Yay! It was sooooo wonderful! Today was gorgeous and sunny and I thank the good LORD for every second of it. I got to play for a good solid 4 hours straight. I totally would have played for longer, but alas…the people I was playing with were getting tuckered out. Oh, I hope next weekend is this great! After playing tennis we went to Jamba Juice and took our drinks over to Starbucks to study for a while. Came back after a few hours and then had dinner and studied some more. I got a few calls in the midst of study time…kinda weird calls from boys that I wasn’t expecting at all…but nothing too distracting. 🙂
The only thing about this weekend that I’m kinda bummed about is the fact that I haven’t made it to the costume store yet. I need to get my elf ears! For those of you who don’t know…I’ve decided to be an elf from LOTR this halloween. I’ve given up the whole angel deal because every girl and her roommate will probably be angels. Unfortunately, it’s become sort of cliche. So my buddy Dave at the bookstore found this great deal for small pointy elf ears at this nearby costume store and I’ve been trying to find time to go get some. But once I do, I still have to find a cheap elf-ish long sleeve dress. *sigh* My projects are never easy. Why do I do this to myself? If anyone knows of anyone who has a super long sleeved, reasonably cool dress that I can borrow….let me know. 🙂 Hmmm, I can’t just go out and buy it either because I just spent $30 on a hall sweatshirt. I’m running out of money and I’m supposed to go bowling tomorrow with the rest of the hall. A lesson I’m learning over and over again: life is expensive.

Fun quote for the day: “Time is money. So when you go shopping, be sure you have lots of time!”

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2 Responses to “Happy Girl”

  1. propheceye says:

    After you dress up like an elf, please please please find some closet dungeons and dragons geek up there and MAKE HIS DAY.

  2. sarahmadson says:

    HAHA, I will be sure to do that. I just have to find one first.

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