Lately, life has been busy, confusing and sometimes great. Today was nice. Got up early, went to work, did homework, then went and hung out with my friend Greg. It was nice to chill with him. And I hope we have a chance to hang out again. Although I think I may have scared him with all my questions. Why do I always ask so many questions? I think too much, that’s probably it. *sigh*

Tomorrow I go to pick up my roommate from the train station…I hope I remember the way there. This could get ugly. Pray for me.

I can’t sleep. *sigh* I hate when this happens. I wish the stars were out, it’d be nice to have an outside quiet time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean.
    I ask too many questions too

  2. innout says:

    The train station is easy…just find 2nd Ave downtown, and follow it south, when it starts turning towards the East, you’re there.

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