“Our lawyers spent a lot of time working on this. Please make them feel important and read every word. They thank you in advance for the seven hours of your time this may take.” -Snapple, General Rules Contract.

Well, I accidentally submitted to get a set of Snapple sheets and 2 Snapple pillow cases today at work. When I say accident, I mean that the form was on the computer screen and I was still haggling with the Snapple Bidding people when my wonderful co-worker steps up behind me and says “Hey, wow! Only 190 caps for that! That’s not bad, do it!” and then clicks the submit button.
All that to say – I only have 87 caps. I need 190 caps. I have 7 days to obtain 103 caps and mail them. Ha! I had considered riffling through the 7 recycle bins down stairs and gathering caps that way. I had also considered going through the recycling in Falcon’s Landing today during my lunch break. But needless to say, I didn’t. I didn’t have time. So don’t throw away your caps yet! Send them my way!

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One Response to “103”

  1. tikijam says:

    i have caps for you!
    sarahhhh whats your address? i bought my stuff and sent caps away already, and i have like 19 left that i can send you asap! you can email me your addy if you’d prefer to not post it in here… zabba17@excite.com 🙂

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