Yes, I’m back!

So I’m back in Seattle and it’s so beautiful. Ok, well it rained a bit already…but later it was nice. I’m slowly but surely unpacking and getting settled into my apartment…my roommate is running around like a mad woman trying to do her Residence Hall Ministry Coordinator thing. It’s a big job. I’m running around trying to get my work situation figured out. I have to work Monday and I have no idea what time I’m supposed to be there. Plus, I have a doctors appointment on Wed and I have no idea if I’ll be able to get work off! Yikes.
So besides that, stuff has been great. I went to an awesome concert last night and my buddy got a cd. He burned it for me and I can’t wait to get it and listen to it. This girl, I think her name is Rosie (that might just be the name of the band, I’m not sure) has a beautiful voice. When she sings she sounds all mature and smooth, but then she talks and she sounds like a 9 year old girl…it’s hilarious. But yea, the concert was awesome…Mark Olsen and Rocky played that night too.
I made dinner the other night for all the guys that helped me get moved into my apartment…only three of the 6 people that helped me came for dinner…so I have all this food left over. I’ve had lasagna every night for the past week, yum.
I went with my roommate to a leadership coffee house night tonight. It was fun and I got to see a bunch of friends. It’ll be nice to hang out some more with them once they come back from a leadership retreat this weekend. I’m gonna be all alone this week! My roommate and everyone else that’s at school is going to be gone until Tues! Oh well, I think I’ll enjoy the quiet time while I have it….perhaps I’ll finish that book.
Oh! That reminds me…I’m starting a book club. It’ll be super fun…we all read the same book and then we get together and discuss it. (or maybe we all read separate books and then talk about them…I’m not sure…I’m still working out some kinks here and there) I’ll be fun either way…I already have like three people who want to join. Yay! Man, I’m gonna have a lot of groups and clubs going for me…wow. Let’s see…I have a list:

Environmental Stewardship Club
Women’s Bible study
Jr. High Mentoring
Book club
Single and Spectacular

Ok, wow, that’s a lot…I wonder how I’m going to work all this into my schedule! Anyhow, if any of you SPUers want to join any of my groups…just let me know! Oh and a friend on my newspaper staff told me I should write my own column! I’ve always wanted to do my own column, but I really want to do it under a pen name…any suggestions? Well, off to bed with me!

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3 Responses to “Yes, I’m back!”

  1. rosie thomas is awesome. it’s funny I saw a bunch of her shows the summer of 2002.. and more recently I’ve been to a few house parties that she was at… it’s a small world.
    what the heck is “Single and Spectacular”?

  2. sarahmadson says:

    Single and Spectacular is sort of a singles group that I’m leading. It’s focused on learning how to grow as a woman of God. It’s about working to prepare yourself for the Lord and not for a man. Hard to explain. The studies I’m writing are based on the spiritual disciplines and “The Rules”.

  3. tikijam says:

    heeeey sarah! glad to hear you’re safely back at school and getting settled in seattle land 🙂 you sound incredibly busy, but when you get a free moment, could you email me ( with the secret shopper info we talked about so that i can get my mom into it? i think she’s going crazy with nothin to do 😛 thanks and take care!

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