My best friend saved my life….again

Yes, it’s true. Once again my best friend saved my life and she probably didn’t think twice about it. (Well, actually, I doubt she even knew she did). That’s how good she is. She’s such a great friend that saving my life just comes as second nature to her…I think it’s because she’s been doing it for so long.
Although, technically now it’s 9/12…a few minutes ago (today) it was 9/11. A powerful reminder to our country and a more powerful experience to those directly affected by it. My best friend Loreanne knows how this day encompasses significant memories and changes for me and had it not been for her I might have dreaded living through this day again. If she had not invited me to go out with her and her family, I probably would have spent the greater part of the last 24 hours hiding away, trying to avoid watching the news or any other tributes that were put on today. I know I’m not the only one who is attacked by heart wrenching memories and I’ve spent the last two years praying for those people…and I continue to pray for them. I’m also aware that my story isn’t the worst even though (at times) it’s hard to convince my heart otherwise. I’d like to take this moment to thank my best friend Loreanne for successfully distracting me from getting lost in the memories of today and for once again reminding me; not of what I have had and lost, but reminding me, instead, of what I still have and enjoy.

“LORD I thank you for this day and all the wonderful new memories and blessings you have given me through it. I thank you for all my friends and family, especially for my best friend who continues to bless me in her own unique way. 🙂 LORD I pray You will continue to work in the lives of those affected by the events of this day two years ago and I pray You will have a hand of peace and joy over their hearts. Remind them that they are loved and never forgotten. We thank You again and pray that Your will, not ours be done. In Your precious and holy name, Amen.”

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