LORD help me. Things have been insane and I’m loosing my head…it doesn’t get much better than this, let me tell ya. I just finished watching Singing in the Rain with my buddy Amanda. I love that movie…movies like that make me happy. They also make me want to dance and they make me really want a bf who can sing and dance. So awesome! Anyhow, work at the Bookstore has been great, I really feel like I am back in my element. The past few days I’ve been building this really cool “The Everyday Writer” castle. (The Everyday Writer is a book that most profs require for their classes so we have a massive amount of them right now). As I was setting them out the other day I thought to myself…”Wow, this book is a really handy size, I want to build a book castle out of them”. So I did, haha. Another awesome part of this job is that after only a day of being back my manager proposes this great opportunity for a management position! Wow! She said that I can start assistant management training in Spring if I want to! Then after training for a quarter I can go on to manage any Barns and Noble College Bookstore that I want…in the US! So if I wanted, I could go and manage a store in California. The Lord is good, but He’s also way too good. This is like the gazillionth awesome job opportunity that I’ve received in the past few months. I have no idea where I want to go in all of this.
In other news, besides watching Singing In the Rain, Amanda and I also discussed organizing our book club. I’m pretty excited about it…the books she suggested we read sound really fascinating. She also asked if she could be part of one of my Bible studies…which reminded me that I was hosting a Bible study and that I have to get on the ball pretty soon! Yikes!
Also…I was invited to join in an interesting bet with my co-workers at the Bookstore the other day. Our shipping manager, Dave, is trying to loose weight and he’s trying to loose 20 lbs by the end of the year. For each pound that he doesn’t loose, or that he gains, he’s going to pay us $5. But, if he does reach his goal we’re suppose to give him something that he can’t attain for himself…like something that only we can give him. At first, when I heard that I thought to myself “Heck no, I know what this guy is getting at!” But then I realized “This is Dave, he’s not like that.” I couldn’t really think of anything and now that I’ve thought about it…this poses an interesting question: what is something that we have to offer to other people that they can’t attain for themselves? This excludes a lot of the usual awards like money, cooking something…or whatever. Tough question. Dave said that some of the people involved in the bet are going to give him *uh hem* “pictures” (if you know what I mean, haha). I told him I’d have to think about it and see if I could come up with anything (appropriate) that I could give him. So we’ll see where that goes.
Classes start this coming Monday. I’m in a weird state of mind about it…on one hand, I’m excited…and naturally, on the other…I’m not so excited. The ‘not-so-excited’ feeling hit me when I got the required books for one of my classes – all 11 of them. yuck.
On the bright side…the apartment is looking great and more people are moving in tomorrow. yippi and hooray for potential new friends!

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