Ok, girls I need serious prayer over here. I’m having massive boy issues. Kyle and I had another ‘talk’ the other night when my roommate was on her leadership retreat and now things are awkward. Josh hasn’t stopped calling and he has made the fact that I turn him down every time he asks me out a routine joke in conversation. And he told me again tonight that he’s convinced I’m going to be his gf soon. (“excuse me? *shaking head*). Chris, (the guy who went stare gazing with me last quarter) is back in the picture. He happens to be on leadership staff with my roommate so we see him often. He’s gotten cuter since last I saw him…I know it sounds potentially gross, but he grew a beard and it actually looks really good.
Then, a few days ago I got an email from Jared asking me if I missed him. I responded saying, “Sure, of course I miss you. I don’t understand exactly why you would ask a question like that, but yea I miss you. I hope you are doing ok.” Then he responds with this:
“Why do you miss me? and to what end? -I am tempting the flood- feeling the
falls- trying your meanings.”

I’m thinking this one over really well before I respond. Because being honest in situations like this can serve to get a girl in trouble. And trouble is really the last thing I need right now. Also, Bradford called me the other day. It was nice to hear from him. He graduates this Wed and he comes home on Thursday. He’s going to chill at home and work a bit and then he’s going to come visit Nick Letts and I here at school in November I think. I’m not sure of the exact time, but around there. *deep breath* So yes, the drama continues and my fervent prayers become longer. LORD be my wisdom and strength. Guide me on Your path.

To make matters harder…I was going through some pictures day before yesterday to fill some picture frames I found – and I came across some pictures of Jeff and I. *sigh* Despite the fact that I know it probably would never have worked out…I still miss him and I still pray for him all the time. Sometimes I wonder if the only reason I liked him so much was because I knew we would never really be together in the end. It’s weird how things work like that, ya know? Anyhow, I prayed for a while and slowly the Lord calmed my heart and put me back on task.
I can’t help but feel that I need to hold out a bit longer and not give into any of these boys. I keep dreaming that God is still preparing my Prince Charming for me…somewhere, out there…and that maybe I haven’t met him yet. Likewise, I know that God is still preparing me for that special someone…haha, there’s no way I’m done cookin’ yet. Until then, I have a lot of work to do. But I sure hope the Lord brings my man along soon, hehe…I’m getting rather impatient. 🙂

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