Just got back from Carrows. I went to church tonight and found some fellowship. Hung out with friends after…I hadn’t had dinner yet and neither had they. So I got some yummy salmon and cornbread. I guess the waiter thought we were cute or something and he gave us a bunch of our food for free. I got a free salad and free cornbread, yippi! Funny story by the way. I got lemons with my salmon and I figured I was supposed to squeeze the juice onto it like you see in the movies. Well I was a dork and somehow managed to squirt some in my eye! OH it hurt sooooo bad! So I kept trying to get my eye to tear up and then my friend Vanessa was like “Oh, he wasn’t good enough for you anyway Sarah!” and I looked up at her like “what?” and then I saw that the waiter had come by the table with their desserts and he gave me a sympathetic look. So extremely embarrassing! I guess it looked like I was crying and that some stupid boy had broken my heart or something. I laughed at myself, that’s how bad it looked. HAHA.
So yea, that’s my embarrassing story for the day.

Oh, and I saw a cool quote today…”If happiness is just around the corner, turn often.”

P.S> if any girls want to come over to my place tomorrow at 7pm, I’m holding a women’s fellowship night. A friend asked if I could go over some of the studies from my Single and Spectacular group. So bring your swimsuits and towels, we’re going to have a lesson and then go in the hot tub! I hope you all can come!

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  1. propheceye says:

    “If happiness is just around the corner, turn often.”
    Happiness is not for you as you are on the straight and narrow path…

  2. Anonymous says:

    that’s so great
    i love that

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