The countdown begins…10 days until I am back in Seattle.

I can’t wait for tomorrow! My Bible study girls are coming over to go through my closet…I’m giving them all the clothes that I’m not taking back to school. They’re gonna pick out what they want and then we’re going to have a fashion show. I’ve got ice cream and an assortment of toppings for tomorrow and I’m warming up the hot tub. We’re going to have so much fun! Then I’m going to give a brief message about modesty and how are bodies are temples; holy and pleasing to God. I figure since there are some new jr.high girls joining the group that there’s no harm in going over the message again with some different Scripture. 🙂

It’s been a busy week. On thurs I went into the office to help out with a seminar…boring! As much as I love to schmooze and all…I was totally not in the mood. blah. But on Friday I got to spend the whole day with my grandma! I love my grandma so much…I know…I’m a weirdo, so what! My grandma is so full of wisdom, I learn from her every time I visit. (I should visit more often, hmmm). After I left my granny’s place I went to visit with my cousin Ben. He was leaving the next morning to go back to school. So I picked up my best friend on the way to his place and when we got there, one of his friends Don said we should all go to the Moose Lodge to see his friend’s band play. So we went there and chilled a while. It was a good show.

Saturday my bro and Heather took Hollie and I to Great America. It was fun! We rode the rides, got henna tattoos, ran around the park and played games. I played a shooting range game and won a panda bear. It’s cute.
Sunday I went to church and saw friends. I learned a lot from the message. Then I came home and cleaned. woo hoo.
Monday, I finished cleaning, ran some arens and attempted to return that stupid CD player I got from Virgin Mega store. *sigh* I got to SF and tried to find a parking spot…it’s ridiculous! I ended up turning around and coming home to finish cleaning! boo!
I hung out with Nerdalie the other day too. We rented Identity…it’s pretty good! Totally good twist at the end. I made my parents watch it with me on Saturday. My mom freaked out, haha.
I’ve slowly been planning for my trip to Europe and charting my route for my cross country rode trip. A friend suggested that I take the train, but my parents said I’d have more flexibility if I took my car and just split the cost for gas. They had a good point. I’d love to have the freedom to stop and set up camp whenever I want. Now all I have to do is find friends who’d be willing to come with me.

*I burnt my tongue and now I have a super annoying blister. I hate when that happens!

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