“I think I’m drunk enough to play some drinking games now” -Kenny

Still haven’t slept yet. Just got back from picking up my brother and Heather from the airport. They’re officially home from their honeymoon. We went to her parents’ house to watch them open up the last of their wedding booty.
I’ve got lots to update…here’s a quick preview for the next extensive update (hold tight Kenny, it’s coming, I promise):
>Brother’s wedding
>Jr. high girls camping trip
>huge spiders everywhere! Invading my house!
>The mysterious delivery of a dozen red roses waiting for me when I got back from the camping trip.
*Note attached to the roses – “For a woman worth waiting for”
>Party at Kenny’s house
>No sleep
>Party at Ben’s house
>Still no sleep
>Josh and Heather home
>Another party
>My cat has the hiccups (it’s hilarious…really…I’m not laughing just because I’m tired)
>rejection of a summer visit (it’s sad, but it is better this way)
>All the other little things I forgot to mention

K, for reals yo…I’m hitting the hay. Night night!

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One Response to ““I think I’m drunk enough to play some drinking games now” -Kenny”

  1. mptphlosofer says:

    you party animal you
    remember- alcohol is a depressant- drink responsibly

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