“Cabin Fever” ripped off my story!

Ok, here’s the deal…7th grade, Ms. Birtch’s 5th period english class, I wrote a short story that happens to be the same plot as this new movie “Cabin Fever”. *huff* It soooo figures that somebody cashes in on the idea before I do! *sigh* So it goes. Anyway, I thought that I’d quench your curiosity and perhaps give you a little something to laugh at or even hold against me in the future. So here’s my 7th grade short story, “The Virus”:

Some said it was too quiet that night. Others said it was bound to happen sooner or later. Well, it did happen – right here in Evans at 10:00 p.m., January 10th.

We all sat in a big circle in the middle of the living room at Ema’s place. My name is Johnny and Ema is one of my best friends, so are Bryan and Emily. They were there too, I mean, when IT happened.

“What if my dog has it?” thought Ema out loud clutching her dog, Beau, close to her.

“What if I have it?” said Bryan sarcastically as he moved toward her wriggling his fingers.

“Stop it you’re scaring me!” she cried.

“Why hasn’t God come to get us yet? I’m a religious person.” Said Emily as though she were pleading her defense. Emily was a really religious person. She thought that this was the rapture and that this was all part of God’s plan. I wasn’t sure what it was, all I knew is that it wasn’t good. Then we all hushed to the sound of Bryan’s radio as the announcer said something.

“The scientists at Evan’s research lab say that Evans is next on the list to be evactuated…” He was interrupted by the sound of Emily.

“Ulk, Ulk!”

“She’s choking!” I screamed. “Get some water! HURRY! She’s burning up with fever!” I was so panicked. I had no idea what to do. Or what was going on, she wasn’t even eating anything.

Emily grabbed her throat in pain as Bryan ran to the kitchen.

“She’s getting pale” said Ema, she was squeezing Beau so tight he let out a low growl. Then again I’m not sure if it was the squeezing or because he could sense that something was wrong.
Boils began to form all over her. Now, completely white faced, she clutched her throat, as if she was fighting for her life. Her eyes pleading to us to stop the pain. Bryan burst into the room with a small glass of water in his hand. He opened her mouth and slowly poured the water in, very carefully as though every little drop was Emily’s last chance at making it.
Moments later, Emily lay lifeless on the floor. Eyes open as if she had seen God, with her hands still frozen about her throat. Everyone gathered around her, like doctors that had just lost someone in the O.R. Baffled and in tears, we just sat there in shock.

“What happened?” I finally broke the silent morning. “She was just fine a couple seconds ago!?” I was so confused, that the last words came out sounding funny but I just didn’t care.

“The boils on her face just popped up like popcorn.” said Bryan, he would be the sort to notice that kind of thing first, or maybe he just had to say something to put everyone somewhat at ease. And he couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“You guys, you don’t seriously think she was just choking? She wasn’t even eating anything.” Ema finally found it in herself to choke up a few words. “You think?”

“The Virus!?!?” We all whispered in unison. “But it all happened so fast?”

Yea, I know it’s lame, but hey…in my defense…I was only in 7th grade. haha. I know, I haven’t changed much either. The movie better do my plot justice…stupid copy cats!

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