So I just spent my whole morning running around trying to accomplish something. I drove to Concord in an effort to find a Disney Store. I needed to return some things and try to get the stupid plastic ink censor off of my stuffed Pluto’s ear. I finally get there and find that the Disney store in that mall is closed too! grrrr. Poor Pluto will have to go the rest of his days with an annoying plastic censor on his ear! That is soooo wrong.
Now I’m back at home, half of my day is wasted and as I’m sitting here…something hits me. (no, nothing physically hit me…just an idea). I realize that my summer is quickly coming to an end and there’s a gazillion things that I still haven’t accomplished! What have I been doing this whole time? There’s so much to get done! Here’s a tentative list:

>Clean bedroom (this may sound minor…but let me assure you, it’s a larger task than you think)
>Pack stuff for school (also a larger task than you think)
>A hollister gift certificate to spend
>Work on writing book
>Spend as much time with Grandma as possible
>Hang out with friends that I won’t be seeing for a long time while at school
>Finish CFE report
>Finish making t-shirt quilt
>Make list of apartment items acquired and email to roommate
>Figure out how and when exactly I’m going back to school
>Take car to shop to have new seat put in
>Write follow up letters to Bible study girls
>Send postcard to Dave from SPU Bookstore before I get back to SPU
>Send package to friend in North Carolina
>Clean house…again
>Start photo album ASAP
>Organize finances and get $$ from IOU’s
>switch mailing address for TIME Magazine
>check class schedule
>Give gifts from Florida to friends

Wow, and I know there’s a million other things I’m forgetting. Oh! I have a chiropractic appointment coming up! I was also offered a job the other night and I’m not sure if I should take it. I would be working in an office in Seattle that’s very close to school. I would be getting paid 1300 a month to sit at a computer and search these files for credit card fraud. I’d be working about 20-24 hours a week, which isn’t THAT bad, but that’s a lot of money! If I worked that job for a few months, I’d be able to go to Europe sooner than I had planned. Or, as my parents mentioned, I could pay for school. My only hesitation is that I really enjoy my job at the Bookstore. And I also have my secret shopper job. What do I do?! I’d still have to figure out what my exact hours at this office would be and see if it conflicts with my class schedule, but I dunno…it sounds like a rare opportunity. ALSO, my parents met with some friends the other day and it turns out that they are really close friends with the editor of RESPONSE magazine. An alumni magazine for my school. They told me to contact this editor and drop her name and possibly get an internship! Wow, another amazing opportunity! What a blessing. But I still don’t know what to do. I guess I can’t really know until I get back to school. Yikes, it all seems so overwhelming! haha.

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One Response to “Aimless”

  1. Anonymous says:

    muhahahah, the jruinator strikes again! I say you stick to your current job and try to make that internship… you never know when something like that will ever come around again, and even if it does, will it be so easy to get in? Money is nice and all, but I say roll with something that leans towards you ejukashun.
    sigh… I would have driven up tonight. /hug 🙂 ttfn

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