Well, my bro and Heather took Hollie and I to Great America today only to find out that it was closed. Sadness. We found out that as of yesterday it was only open on weekends! How stupid! We were sad for a while and then we decided to go to Borders and then to In-N-Out for lunch. Then we went back to my bro and Heather’s apartment to help them unpack their wedding gifts and get the apartment cleaned up. Then Quinn called and he came over for a while. We’re gonna hang out some more tomorrow and the day after. We decided to hang out as much as possible before he heads back to Washington.
So I hung out with Josh and Heather and we had pizza and some ‘drinks’ (gasp! don’t tell SPU!). I was introduced to Smirnof Ice (is that how you spell it? I’m not sure). Then Quinn drove me home. And that’s that!
My bro keeps pushing me to try and hook up with Quinn, but I know he’s not interested. My buddy Drew wants to come and visit and I’d like to have him come, but my parents said no. They said we can’t afford to feed any more guests. Bummer. It’s not like I’m overly busy with anything *sigh*.
I got a bunch of my bro’s old kitchen stuff for my apartment next year. I feel like I really lucked out. It’s all this old vintage Coke stuff, it’ll look pretty neat.
Well, I’d update more, but I’m pretty beat. Night night friends!

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7 Responses to “”

  1. propheceye says:

    Maybe he only acts like he isn’t interseted because he thinks you aren’t interested because you never throw him a bone? I know you have all those ideals about how dating should work but don’t screw over perfectly good relationships because they don’t fit a perfect form.
    Just get Drew to pay for food. Problem solved.
    Btw does your brother have a bed to give away?
    Go smirnof ice!

  2. innout says:

    The proper ‘authorities’ have been informed. They’ll be awaiting your arrival on campus.
    Welcome to the ‘dark’ side. Mumuhahaha!

  3. trademehalos says:

    It’s Smirnoff 😛 I had to look it up to make sure, if that makes you feel better…hehe. That stuff is pretty good…I had it one new year’s. Your alcohol knowledge is just broadening as the days go by! 😛

  4. propheceye says:

    Darn you, get online and them come watch movies with me. I don’t remember your email address and I’m too lazy to walk up that hill… I suppose I could call but that’s beside the point.

  5. mptphlosofer says:

    I’m so ashamed. You always seemed like such a nice girl. Now your drinking the devils blood and probably dancing to that eeeeevil rock and roll music.

  6. sarahmadson says:

    I know! It’s crazy, I feel like such a grown up now! haha

  7. sarahmadson says:

    Re: sinner!
    haha, yes. Yes I am doing all those evil things…hehe, you taught me well. 🙂

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