Road Rage

As I was stuck in traffic today with every single idiot on the face of this planet, I had an interesting thought. Would we have the same problem if cars had never been invented? I mean, perhaps it would be the same only we’d have people cutting others off with their carriage? Or maybe we’d be getting irritated with people rubber-necking as they walked by an accident on the ‘speed-walking highway’ (the accident might be a sprained ankle? That’s what happens when you are rushing to work and you forget to stretch). Whatever the case, I don’t think it would be much different than the traffic we run into with cars…older people would be going slower, young people would be speeding, and the hot-shots with the nicer more expensive treads would be getting ticketed for weaving in and out of lanes without signaling (a.k.a. erratic driving). Or maybe we’d get angry at people walking in the bike lane, or maybe we’d get ticked off at people walking alone in the ‘walk-pool’ lane? Whether walking, biking, driving, skipping or prancing…you know that idiots would find some way to build up rage after stepping (or prancing) out of line (or lane) without signaling or even tail gating…how awkward would THAT be? yikes!

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