Just got back a while ago from another wedding. Wow, it was beautiful. Funny thing was that the whole time everyone at the wedding was trying to set me up with this really cute guy, Garret, that I knew from high school. I grew up with him and his sister. His sister went to SPU and just got married 3 months ago to a guy that I knew from my COM class. Weird. Anyway, when I last saw Garret in high school he was a quiet, sweet guy. Now I see him and he’s a total stud. He’s into boxing and goes to Westmont! Bummer for me though, I don’t think he’s interested. *sigh* Bradford and I had a dtr (determining the relationship) the other night. We came to the conclusion that we already knew…the distance would be difficult. So we laid out lines and such for when we went on dates. We both agreed that we’d still like to date and just see where time and the good LORD take us. That’s pretty much the status with all the guys in my life right now…except Garret, *sigh* Such a stud muffin…haha.
In other boy news…Jared comes home from Washington tomorrow. My tummy does sumersaults when I think about it. I’m nervous…what if I run into him at church tomorrow? What would I say? What would I do? Knowing me I’ll say AND do something stupid and clumsy. Oh well, I’ll just have to pull evasive manuevers.
My brother told me that Quinn stopped by the office yesterday to drop off some pastries. How sweet! I was informed by most of my family members after my bday party that they are all voting for Quinn. He hasn’t even pursued me! I don’t think he’s interested in me like that. I think it’d be sort of weird if he was. I dunno. I’m tired I think if I talk anymore I’ll start to sound like a super brat. Oops, too late! hehe goodnight all!

Oh, and Loreanne, when can we play tennis? I’m having some serious withdrawls. 🙂 Plus I have a little somethin’ somethin’ for you from Florida!

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