Recent happenings of a member of the marginally insane club

Friday: Craziest day of GFI (VBS for jr.highers) ever! My team, the Incredible Hulk, came in fourth place. Sadness. But honestly, I don’t think the kids were into it as much this year. Of course, every year I get placed in charge of the team that has all the ‘difficult’ kids on it. I guess they think because I am younger that I am more able to handle all the ‘difficult’ kids. It wasn’t so bad…we only had a total of three fist fights and two girl ‘scratch-and-claw-your-eyes-out’ fights. And they were all resolved by the end of the week.
Saturday: Threw a bridal shower for my bro’s fiance. It was fun.
Sunday: went to church, then went to college group. It was refreshing, I really needed to go and I’m glad I did. After church I went to a friend’s graduation party. He graduated from college and is now going to some prestigious dental school. Then I had a much-needed bonding night with my best friend.
Monday: Hung out with friends and continued bonding time with best friend.
Tues: woke up late, had a late late late breakfast. Very yummy. Came home and cleaned…a little, hehe.

So, my right clavicle (aka collar bone) has been hurting ever since last wed. I think I have a bone bruise. I showed it to my dad and he noted the minor swelling and told me that calcium expands when the bone has been knocked around a bit. I think I bruised my right clavicle when I was playing earth ball with the kids at GFI. I got knocked around quite a bit. Man! It hurts!

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