Why can’t I ever focus when I REALLY need to?

This is one of those typical college student moments in my life when I can not FOR THE LIFE OF ME keep my attention centered on what I need to be doing.
I also have a feeling that this quarter is one of those seasons in my life where I’m going to look back and see all the amazing work God was doing in me. But of course, at the moment, I can’t see any of that…so my appreciation factor is not quite up to par.
I have a HUGE UFDN paper due tomorrow and a PSYCH test. I’m not ready for either of them at all because I have been focusing on the articles that were due for the Falcon (which by the way were reassigned…in other words…my work with somebody else’s name on it *sigh* again).
My roommate and I signed up for Robbins apartments today. That whole process was so hard. I couldn’t figure out if that’s where God wanted me…because practically speaking it’s not so convenient for me to live out in the boon docks where I’ll probably have to walk back home in the dark after night meetings and such. But honestly, I didn’t really want to go through the process of growing close to another roommate like I have grown close to my current roommate. I was getting so incredibly frustrated with myself. So yea, that threw me for a loop. Also, I found out that some of my friends are already home for summer and hearing this really makes me want to come home.
I talked to my dad yesterday and it was so good to hear his voice. It’s funny how just hearing your dad’s voice seems to solve everything. I was really stressing out over my ‘issue’ and I explained it to him and he straightened everything out for me. He explained the Scriptures to me and even cited references and counseled me back to a balanced mental state. I was really relieved.
I also had a chance to talk to my brother today which was wonderful. He showed me the paint ball guns he’s planning on getting…apparently this is his new ‘thing’. haha
And believe it or not…I think I’ve finally scared away any and all boys that had any intentions of pursuing me. Yes, that’s right…ALL of them. I think. *sigh* Who knows…
Well, it’s time to get back to work…*groan*

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