Earlier this week my roommate and I took the west side elevator (which had recently been out of commission) up to the laundry room and took care of our laundry (which took about two minutes). When we were heading back down to our floor, the elevator doors opened and surprise…there was a dismantled bathroom stall in the elevator! What in the world?! Everything was there except the toilet…there was even a practically new roll of toilet paper. This weirded me out…I have no words to further describe the situation. This confounded me because it all happened so fast. These guys must have been pros…my roommate and I had been in that same elevator not more than about two minutes earlier…I can promise you there was no trace of a stall to be found. Then poof! There it is! Anyhow, I later talked to my PA (she handled it after we informed her of our encounter) and she told me that the guys up on 6th (i think) had been missing their stalls for a few weeks and had been doing just fine without them. How awkward is that?! wow. Another question that came to mind was…where in the world had the stall thieves been keeping this souvenir? I can’t imagine something that big was very easy to hide. And how would you go about stealing something like that without anyone noticing? I am amazed. haha…boys are weird.

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One Response to “Weirdness”

  1. Anonymous says:

    so you don’t like pranks
    you think boys are weird just because we’re more clever and resourceful
    you gotta admit, that was pretty amazing

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