Some cool tunes…

I got this sampler cd last night at the pre-screening of X-Men 2. It’s a promo thing for 107.7 The End. There are some cool bands on there. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but I really like what I hear so far. Here’s a list of the line up:

Cold – Cure My Tragedy
Stage – I Will Be Something
Rumblefish – In My Head
Switchfoot – Meant To Live
Further Seems Forever – The Sound
Cave In – Anchor
Anberlin – REady Fuels
Gob – Give Up The Grundge
White Light Motorcade – It’s Happening
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Bring It On
Visqueen – Vaxxine
The Pale – Gravity Gets Things Done

I must say, I’ve only listened to the first two songs and I’m thoroughly satisfied. Thank you 107.7 for your free promo junk.

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One Response to “Some cool tunes…”

  1. Switchfoot ROCKS OUT!
    Also, The Pale is cool too.

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