Last post of the day… I promise

I have no idea why I’m up right now. I should be sleeping like a baby…but alas, here I am…wide awake and pondering the ways of life. *sigh* Life is a funny and complex thing…sometimes it’s so simple and other times it’s like rubix cube complicated. Who in the world thought up a rubix cube anyway? (weird people who had nothing better to do…that’s who!)
I think I’m in one of those ranting moods. I haven’t had one of those for a while. I went to the Michael Medved thingie tonight…it was cool. I have a lot of respect for that guy. I think it’s because he has chosen to take on a field that I hope to engage someday. I wonder sometimes if I’d ever make it. I’m torn. I keep getting intercepted by all these guys who tell me I should be dreaming about being a stay home mom and supporting my husband like a good little ‘wifey’. But I have other dreams! I want to have a career…live by myself for a while…travel and see the world with my best friend…go to Europe! I have so much I want to do and so much that I dream about…is that fair? Am I allowed to dream even if the odds are against me? Am I aggressive enough to be a journalist? Sure I want to be a mom someday…I repeat…SOMEDAY…but Lord knows it’s not today and it’s not any day within the next few years. It’s so hard with society telling me one thing and the christian world telling me another. I’m slowly starting to realize that ominous quandary that women encounter. The career crossing with family life dilemma. Some think it’s quite clear…women belong at home…I’m sure there are some who have the ‘in-between’ opinion of it…but honestly, those seem to be few and far between. I mean, what do you do if you fall in love with a man whose career clashed with yours? There are so many things to think about. In a sense, part of committing to someone (as in marriage) means giving up your dreams. Should I even bother dreaming? *sigh* I think too much. Goodnight. 🙂

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2 Responses to “Last post of the day… I promise”

  1. propheceye says:

    Welcome to my world. I should be sleeping now (it’s only 3:15am) but I’m up every night ’til I pass out or the sun comes up and I decide I should probably get under the covers. I wish life were like a rubik’s cube… I can be solved with some simple instructions:
    I also consequently read an article that says you need to submit little lady…;f=1;t=000998;p=1#000008
    To quote:
    The “Role of Women in the Church” or the home is only controversial to those who exhibit diminished respect for the authority of YEHOVAH and his Holy Word! Christians who reject the subordinate role of women despise “sound doctrine” (Titus 2:1, 4-5) and blaspheme the Word of YEHOVAH (Titus 2:5)!

    The American Standard Version of the Bible reads: “workers at home” where the King James Version has “keepers at home” (Titus 2:5). Truly, YEHOVAH has given to women work to do: (1) which they must accept to please him, (2) which mission should be joyfully received, and (3) for which women deserve ample appreciation for their godly labors. The simplicity of the phrase “keepers at home” demands our understanding of it. Just as a zookeeper runs or works in a zoo, so a ‘home keeper’ runs or works in the home.
    Some days I just want to bite some Christians (and not in the normal nice/kinky way)… but maybe they are right? Perhaps you should be at home popping out kids like there is no tomorrow (because birth control is a sin too!) and baking cookies.
    I don’t know if you are aggressive enough to be a journalist but you are good looking enough and in this world, that will get you just as far.
    I have given up on dreaming. Chances are, your dreams have little or nothing to with what God wants of you or what life will throw at you. Can you honestly say you know for sure that God wants you to be a journalist (if so, how? I been wondering about this)? Most dreams are based off of false or inaccurate realities that we create or take in (through tv/movies/whatever). Hope and expect nothing out of life and you won’t be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised.
    I should write fortune cookies.

  2. whateverusay says:

    i dont think so…
    First, conjecture and subjective musings of an individual should never be taken at face value and counted as truth. Before a passage of scripture is taken as strict law, it must be looked at in a historical perspective first. In addition, the role definitions God had to give men and women as results of the fall must also be accepted.
    In Titus, Paul is instructing Titus on how to lead his church in Crete, because of the Cretans attitudes and behaviors before their salvation was continuing after salvation. There are not only instructions for the women, but for the men as well, because the whole community was so secular-humanistic. The women were dominant, and overbearing of their husbands and families. They did not submit to the leadership of their husbands at all. Because of this, Paul had to give them stricter guidelines to follow because they were peoples without boundaries. Paul had to pull a parenting card on them and say specifically what they needed to do because they weren’t strong enough to make their own choices yet.
    Before one can even discuss the roles God has placed on men and women, the fall of humanity must be taken into account. In summary, because women ate the fruit first, and the man followed, there are innate consequences placed on them both as a result of sin. Man is always going to struggle with leadership because, at creation, they were not made to lead anything but the animals. Only after the women gave him the fruit God said that man was to lead the women and work the ground to provide. For women, they have to struggle with controlling and letting the man be the leader, because they took that liberty of eating the fruit first and leading the man to it.
    In Titus, before Paul addresses the women’s behaviors he talks to the men, telling them that they need to love their wife and to be the leader of the household, because that is a major struggle for men. Some men struggle with leadership be being overly controlling and dominating of their wife and children, and those others in subordinate positions to them as well as being workaholics. While others struggle by being lazy and passive and marry women who will be the family leaders and breadwinners. So, the balance of being leaders while loving their wife is emphasized in almost every instruction to men in the New Testament. To the women Paul has to tell them to be housewives, to love their husbands and children, to be CHASTE, GOOD, SENSIBLE, good workers, submissive to their own husband, “so that the Word of God would not be blasphemed”. Basically, he is saying to them, “look, you already struggled with this once as women (Eve) and this is the consequence, so dont say that you are Christians and then still act as pagans.”
    All that i am trying to say with all of this is that God originally made the man and his wife to be equal (as one-flesh in marriage), but they messed that chance up, and so we now have to struggle against each other’s ordained roles and conform behaviors and attitudes that are not comfortable for us (because we all want to control) to be fully whole as a married couple (one-flesh). When you are in tune with the Lord, and ask Him to cleanse you from the things that you allow to get between your relationship, He will take you to Scripture that will show what you need to give up, or take personally, so that you can repair a part of yourself to God and your relationship can grow. The “Word is living and active, sharper than any double edged sword”, able to cut through your personal BS to purge out the evil and repair you to the father.
    These roles are seen within the marriage. As for hopes, dreams, and aspirations…
    God does not allow anything contradictory to His perfect plan to swim around in our heads. There is always some purpose for desire, whether the desire is the ultimate end, or the means to a better end, God has a use for it in your life. so, dont look at desires as bad, or as something that need to be rejected. Just bath it in prayer and in patience and God will reveal the purpose someday, or maybe you will never know the real purpose, but God is shaping you to who He has made you to be through all these experiences and only good will result if you are committed to God and not your dreams.

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