I think I’ve discovered my true crush…

I haven’t had a crush for a long time. But this morning after I got out of the shower and was ready to go to lunch…I had this weird craving to hear some BBMak. So naturally I choose the music video ‘Back Here’. *sigh* If only I could find one of them on campus…hmmm, I think I should definitly pray about this.

‘Dear Lord,
Please send a handsom man with dark spikey hair and a great voice who dresses well and is taller than me. Oh, and please give him a heart for you Lord and eyes for me *hehe*. I also pray that he has a great sense of humor and that he has a lot in common with me. One more thing…I pray that he has a wonderful family too…and that he’s not alergic to animals…that he likes animals…especially cats…Blessed Father I also pray that you bring him into my life soon…maybe withing the next year? Can he have an accent too? *thinking to self* ‘an accent would be fun and I’d never get tired of hearing his voice..’ Finally I pray that he likes sports and that we would have a lot of fun together going places and making the best of every situation.

In Your blessed and Holy Name, Amen

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