I love this school. I can honestly say that I love this school and the people in its community. Yesterday was craziness (as usual). I got up early to meet a friend for breakfast and go out on a few assignments. But, what I thought to be just another day on the job, turned out to be another grand adventure. My buddy Luke is the one I met for breakfast and he’s the awesome guy who drove me around to all the locations I needed to get to in order to finish my job. We had a rough start because just as we were heading out, I realized that I didn’t have all the paperwork that I needed, namely some guest passes to gain access to the places I needed to go to. My contact had sent them in the mail last tuesday and I checked my mailstop earlier that morning only to find that they hadn’t been delivered yet! Our mailing services are a tad bit slow. So we had to improvize…long story short; I did get in without the passes (Thank the Lord) and this was only after taking the scenic route to the locations and after a little fender bender. Overall, it was fun. I would give more details as to what my job is exactly…but if I did…I’d have to kill you. No joke. haha.
I got back from my job just in time to go to work at the bookstore (my other job). It was great, I love my bookstore job. I love books. We’re approaching graduation time and it’s so great to see the people come in to get their caps and gowns. I get this rush of excitement when they approach the counter with glowing faces and tell me their degree so I can give them the proper tassel. As excited as I am for them…it makes me anxious to think about how fast my own graduation is approaching. I know it seems far off…but this last quarter went by soooo incredibly fast.
Naturally, there were many exciting things that happened at the bookstore…but I’ll save those for later.
Right after work I had to book it over to the park for the annual Falcon BBQ picnic. Except, this time their was no actual bbq, we settled for pizza because my editor and chief didn’t think her george forman grill could pull off a sufficient meal. haha. It was fun to just hang out with the crew without the stress of a newspaper deadline. We played frisbee, whiffle ball and just enjoyed each other’s company. I’m sad that the seniors are leaving. But I am still looking forward to next year’s staff. I think we’ll have a good one.
Then after the bbq, I had to run back to my dorm for the floor meeting which was also followed by the floor celebration. It was a fun time. You can see cybercassie’s journal for details about our good times.
I feel bad though that I was late to the meeting…unfortunately I was intercepted by a friend who was heavily in need of an ear. He was all pumped to talk to me about his day. It’s funny how excited he gets about stuff. Everything is so intense. haha. Anyhow, finals are approaching like an ominous rain cloud. But like all clouds, they’ll pass and the sun will be waiting!

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