Boy Update…

Last night as I was trying desperatly to write one of two huge papers that are due tomorrow, there was a knock on the door. One of the girls on our floor opened the door and pointed to the ground…which was occupied by a bundle of lavendar lilacs and a simple white card.

Front of card: “…far above rubies.”
Inside the card: “Precious Sister and Friend,
Monday night you brought up a topic that was already settled in my mind. Since words seemed to fail me, I hope you saw in my eyes what I could never put in words.
Sarah, you could never ever never ever never be anything but a blessed gift to a consequently very blessed man. Yet, I assure you that in my heart the biggest issue remains: ‘What is His calling?’ God’s will is the fundamental issue of our redeemed lives and this alone must capture our actions and affections. Thus, I will continue to be your friend and wait on His will; whatever it is for your future and mine.
I brought you these simply because I want you to know that in my eyes you are a truly virtuous woman and that you are worth far more than rubies…
Your friend and stubborn admirer,

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